I’m giving away a $30 amazon gift card at FoundAroundTheHome.com by Sept. 16

To celebrate our new domain FoundAroundTheHome.com and to reward those who contribute to the success of the site, I thought it was time to give back a bit in a very simple random drawing.
How do I enter?
  • Submit a photo for the site! Just email me a good photo of your kid(s) at play doing something funny or interesting and your name will be entered into the drawing.
How many photos do I need to submit?
  • if you enter 1 to 3 different photos your name will be entered 1 time into the random drawing
  • if you enter 4 to 7 different photos your name will be entered 2 times into the random drawing
  • if you enter greater than 7 different photos, your name will be entered 4 times into the random drawing
What’s the deadline?
  • I will declare a winner by Friday, September 16 at 9pm on the site. That’s just one week from today, so get moving!
How do I submit photos?
  • Just email submit -at- foundAroundTheHome.com
  • I will need your email address in order to give the reward away.
  • Images should be fairly large, but at the minimum they need to be 545 pixels wide. If you don’t know how to do that, you can just send me the larger size.
What if I already submitted photos?
  • For this time only I will AUTOMATICALLY include your name in the random drawing if you already sent me photo before random drawing was announced, unless you ask that I don’t. I will apply the same rules to your entries (thanks to those of you who submitted previously!)
But what are my chances of ACTUALLY winning?
  • Ummm, your chances are pretty darn good. You probably have never entered a random drawing where the odds are stacked so heavily in your favor, so give it a shot.
Other considerations
  • I will have to be somewhat discerning in what qualifies as a valid entry. The goal is to be able to continue to post fun photos that we can share on the site. If you send me 4 photos of a bush and tell me there is actually a kid behind it doing something really funny while playing – it may not qualify, sorry. I’ll be pretty liberal in what I accept, and you can always just email and ask if you have any questions.
So fire up your computers at home and start sifting through all of those photos of your kids for the past 10 years that you forgot to label. Hey, make a date out of it with your spouse, or don’t. Either way, someone’s getting $30 from amazon!
  1. patrick said:

    Interesting idea. I lke it.

  2. Alastair said:

    Glad you like it! Feel free to submit and/or visit often! I have a new post every day with the exception of Sundays.

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